“I Need a Break!”

Have you ever said this? Is this something you may be shouting right now? If you are waiting for breakthrough in an area of your life (your marriage, finances, health, children, a broken relationship) and your faith and trust is in God and His abilities and not in your own or someone else’s, then your breakthrough will come. I can’t tell you when it will come or what it will look like, but I can promise you that breakthrough is on it’s way when you completely release your problems to God and let Him bring about the resolution instead of trying to fix it yourself. Letting go of our marriage, our children, health or finances and having the faith to believe God will take care of it is sometimes the hardest thing to do. But when you do and you get out of the way of God’s ability to move in your situation, then the change you so desperately desire can begin to take place. And when it does, it may not be as quickly as you would have liked and it may not be exactly in the way you had wanted, but it will happen. And God’s ways are always so much better than ours. So let go, and let God.

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