I didn’t get the chance to say it yesterday but I wanted to speak to the moms. I know moms who have been through some incredibly tough things with their kids, moms who have endured the unimaginable, moms who have suffered heartbreak, moms who have battled, moms who have felt pain that only a mom can feel and moms who have fiercely protected. I know moms who have celebrated, who have had victories big and small, moms who have showed up and moms who were there whenever they were needed, moms who comforted and moms who supported, moms who listened, moms who are enduring and moms who have overcome, moms who have given it their all, moms who have won the battle and moms who have finished strong. I’ve known moms who left behind a lasting legacy and moms who have impacted many lives. I’ve known moms who never bore their own child but were a mother to many.

Being a mom is the most incredible job there is and yesterday was just a reminder that we all were created to do this and that no matter the circumstances, we are mom and we will show up for the job because no one loves our children more than we do.

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms I am privileged and honored to do life with.

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